Sam Berrido up the Shard with Monkey

Getting a call to see if I would be up for using my Polecam on the top of the Shard was slightly out of the ordinary! Having discussed the what they needed, it seemed they originally wanted a way to get the camera clear of the building to shoot back-plates for the chromakey elements they were shooting later. When the director realised what Polecam could deliver my involvement increased quite a bit!

We rigged it on the 69th, 72nd, 74th, 81st and 87th floors over the two day shoot, so the fast rig and derig times of Polecam were vital. Also, as there wasn’t a lift above the 75th floor the portability was also fairly important!

Despite having everything possible safety bonded and the wire strut system fitted, swinging the camera out over a 1000 ft drop was terrifying every time!

The combination of the Polecam footage with the 1st unit shots and the helicopter stuff was seamless and works brilliantly in the film.

Sam Berrido
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