Steve Rausch gets Focused in the Operating Room!

Polecam has become the go-to system for SVC International as they produce videos of surgical cases that are very hard to document. These include heart valve repair/replacement and other minimally invasive procedures such as stent placement. These photos are from a recent procedure done at the Heart Center at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, WA.

These shoots have so much going on we need a day just to set up and test equipment. There can be between 3 and 6 cameras but there is also vitals, the endoscope camera, fluoroscope (live Xray) and they all need to be iso-recorded with matching audio. Our run from the OR to our control center could be 20 to 300 feet depending on the hospital. Here, we were fortunate to just outside the door. Don’t forget the comms and wireless audio for the doctors that are operating. Its an engineering feat to get it all working and synced up.

For this surgery, which was a heart valve replacement, we had 3 cameras. One for a wide, another overhead on a mono pod for direct view into the surgical site and then the Polecam covers almost everything else. Often times the surgeon will shift position and block the overhead camera and that’s where the polecam is so important. It offers a second view of site but can also move to get different angles of profusion which is off to the patents side or track devices as they are introduced into the sterile field.

In the pictures from the monitor you can see the area of the chest being operated on. The next picture shows the synthetic heart valve just before it is implanted. These views are critical to the overall project and getting them really makes for a happy client.

Equipment used:
Polecam 2 sections with elbow
CameraCorp HD Mini Zoom with wide angle attachment
Polecam RCP
TV Logic 7 in monitor

Steve Rausch
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