Will Churchill – DOP and Polecam Owner Operator

Polecam were lucky enough to catch up with busy Polecam Owner Operator and DOP – Will Churchill.

Will’s latest adventure took him to the depths of Egypt where he was working with the NatGeo/BBC team on location in Luxor and Cairo amongst other and more remote shoot locations. No stranger to extreme and challenging conditions, Will was more than happy filming in the often dark, cramped and confined underground tombs. In addition there was also plenty of above ground artefacts in remote locations that also needed to be captured in the most atmospheric and engaging way.

Advised that high winds may well compromise some of the locations and not having any recce opportunities, Will took the precaution to pack his Polecam system with the addition of the bespoke Polecam DJI Ronin mount; enabling him, should the need have arisen, to swap from his standard PSP+ remote Long head to his Ronin M to allow for more camera resistance to be engaged.

Once on location Will opted for Polecam Long Head on his system and loaded his Sony FS5 accompanied by his Atomos Shogun Inferno at 4K Raw, Will was also able to send shots direct to the director by Wireless link. Will’s work receives a wide range of praise and recognition from the directors, producers and other team members he works with on a frequent basis.

When we asked Will why he chose Polecam for this production and many others he stated “Polecam is a must on programs that are crying out for dynamic shots close to the subjects. It’s easy to transport, compact, lightweight and has a global unmatched proven reliability and performance; above all, it delivers amazing story telling shots. The Production team always love to see the results and, it ultimately looks good for me too!”

Will has worked alongside leading Directors & Producers making films for ground breaking production companies including Burning Bright, Plum Pictures, Renegade Pictures, ITN Productions, Tiger Aspect, Shine, RDF, Wall to Wall and Hat Trick to name but a few, Will’s work has been broadcast across the globe with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Lionsgate Films, Discovery, BBC, and terrestrial channels CH4, ITV, CH5, and SKY. He also has a large corporate client base that relies on quality and professionalism.

To discover more about Will, visit: www.willchurchill.com, email: willchurchill@me.com he can also be contacted via Mobile: +44 7775 531 515 or Linkline Diary: +44 (0) 208 426 2200


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