Yet another success for the Polecam system

Yet another success for the Polecam system, it’s applications have been truly endless for us. From DJs, Indoor Skydiving through to Corporate and now even an Awards show. The Polecam gives us all the flexibility we need to achieve really dynamic imagery across all of our live multicamera productions.

For this project we had a three camera set up, a close up camera for the presenter, a reverse close up for our guests and of course the Polecam for our wide shots. Polecam allowed us to add dynamic movement to key parts of the show such as the introduction and handovers between presenters, allowing us to take these from awkward static moments, to engaging elements that add production value.

On top of all of this, the Polecam’s flexibility to take different cameras and payloads meant we could mount a 4K camera and a teleprompter system. Plus of course the flexibility to adjust to different lengths meant we could ensure it didn’t take up too much floor space in the studio, whilst still adding next level production values.


Polecam Limited is active globally from its Headquarters base near Bedford, England and is recognised across many different markets to include Broadcast, Extreme Sports, Medical, Military & Security, Industrial & Commercial, Corporate, Natural History and emerging markets for specialist Property, Wedding and Music environments; as the market leader for super lightweight, highly portable camera jib, minicams, lenses and remote control systems.